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Who I am... 


What I do...

I draw on a combination of practices to heal people and animals.

How I do it...

I look at the Etheric Body, seeing where the imbalances are, and change the way the energy is being distributed. With this done, I assist the new flow, drawing energy away from blockages and bringing energy to places that need healing. Then I flood the Physical Body with additional Life Force to "jump start" the new patterns.

When the new patterns are set, I make the body a bridge between Earth Energies and Higher Consciousness, infusing each and every cell of the body with a torrent of new energy flowing through the body.

During the session, as I see imbalances, I say exactly what I see and what I am doing to correct it, along the way and at the end suggesting ways to make best use of the healing.

The results...

While the results will vary, based on the nature and seriousness of the condition(s), there tends to be immediate and noticeable results. Initial results are within a few minutes, usually a lessening of pain. Secondary results within an hour, typically total elimination of pain. Complete results within a day, which may include actual noticeable physical changes.

It needs to be understood that while an amazing amount of healing energy is brought into the body, the body is used to its old patterns. For this reason, although some improvement is permanent, optimal results typically last for up to a week. It will take time, with repeated sessions, and the full cooperation of the patient to show real and lasting improvement.

Since results vary on a case by case basis, be sure to read the Testimonials. (when they are up)

The cost...

I heal for the sake of healing, so that I can personally grow spiritually. However, there are expenses related to this mundane world. So at this time, I will only charge $20.00 per session, plus the cost of gas.

Introductory Offer...

I understand that many will be doubtful of what I can do. And maybe, for you, what I can do just isn't enough. So I am offering to all new clients a Free First session. You only have to pay the cost of gas. (If you live in Alton, IL it will probably be $2.00)

DISCLAIMER: (for legal reasons) The services offered should be considered spiritual in nature and not based in scientific fact. This is not accepted as truth by current medical or scientific models and should not replace your health care professional's treatment.